Musk announces the provision of communication services to relief organizations in Gaza

American billionaire Elon Musk announced that Internet service via the “Starlink” satellite system will provide communications for “internationally recognized relief organizations” in Gaza, which has been isolated from the world since Friday due to the cutting off of communications and the Internet.

Commenting on this statement, Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karai said that they are using available means to prevent Musk from providing relief organizations in Gaza with the Internet.

Starlink is a satellite-based Internet service created by Musk’s company, SpaceX, and designed to provide Internet access in underserved areas not provided by a traditional Internet service system.

This service was prepared to connect disaster-stricken areas and war zones to the Internet, and Ukraine benefited from it during the current war with Russia. Currently, the service is available to only 40 countries, not including Palestine.

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