National Congress: We clearly consider the rapid support militia responsible for the blood of innocent and unarmed people

The dissolved National Congress Party (NCP) issued a statement explaining its follow-up to the war it described as damning, by its rebel leader Hemedti’s Rapid Support Militia, where these groups loot markets, encroach on families in their homes, evict them from their homes and take platforms for their weapons from their homes.

They have described this behaviour as a barbaric crime not committed by the nation.

In a statement, it also mentioned the killing of General Ahmed Abdul Qayoom and his young daughter, who were on their way to buy bread from a bakery adjacent to their home by the Rapid Support militia. It also looted the house of Sultan Osman Yusuf Kabir and politician Mubarak al-Fadil.

The Rapid Support Militia and its commander were also held responsible for innocent people’s blood, targeting homes, health and service facilities, markets and any harm to citizens.

He also called on citizens to support the armed forces and establish groups of neighbourhood residents to protect their symptoms and property so that the ordeal would go and life would return to normal.

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