New clashes erupted south of Khartoum, with heavy and light weapons

Eyewitnesses reported that new clashes broke out south of Khartoum, with heavy and light weapons.

According to witnesses, the neighborhoods of “Jabra”, “Al-Shajara”, “Mayo”, “Al-Azhari” and “Al-Salama” in the south of Khartoum live in poor humanitarian conditions.

The Sudanese army published, on its Facebook page, a video showing its solders distributing foodstuffs to citizens in the Al-Shajara neighborhood, south of Khartoum.

The city of Bahri, north of Khartoum, is still witnessing armed clashes, with intense flight of warplanes and the sound of cannons.

According to witnesses, the city of Omdurman, west of the capital, is also witnessing clashes, which has complicated the humanitarian situation on the ground.

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