New losses due to rain in Kasala

The village of Umm Gargour Al-Qadisiyah in the state of Kassala was subjected to heavy rains accompanied by a hurricane, which led to the collapse of 64 houses completely and 165 partially, in addition to the collapse of toilets and the smashing of windows and doors in Umm Kargour Rural Hospital, in addition to the collapse of the medical staff’s restroom.

The head of the services committee in the village, Fadl Al-Zein Muhammad Al-Khair, explained that the village has suffered greatly as a result of the fallout season. He said that the total number of houses that collapsed completely amounted to 64 houses and partially 165 houses, in addition to some service facilities. He added that the village is currently surrounded by rain water, which threatens more collapses in homes and facilities. He said that the situation requires urgent intervention and provision of shelter aids and environmental sanitation operations to combat disease vectors.

In the same context, the Executive Director of the locality, Adel Hassan, directed the Emergency Committee to conduct a field visit immediately to find out and evaluate the situation and submit an urgent report to take the necessary interventions as soon as possible.

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