Nimr discusses with the US ambassador the USAID projects

The governor of North Darfur, Nimr Muhammad Abdul Rahman, met yesterday, in his office at the state government headquarters in El Fasher, the American ambassador to Sudan, John Goodfrey, who started a visit to the state at the head of a delegation from the embassy, ​​the US aid official in Sudan and members of the US Congress.

He discussed with them the programs implemented by the USAID and the progress of implementation Juba Agreement for Peace in Sudan. In a press statement after the meeting, Nimr considered that the visit of the US ambassador to the state is an encouraging step that pushes relations between the two countries to broader horizons, stressing that America’s sending an ambassador to Sudan at this stage confirms its determination to develop relations between the two countries.

Nimr added that his meeting with the American ambassador touched on the general situation in Sudan and the requirements for the success of the transitional period, in addition to discussing the progress of the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement in Sudan and how to implement its protocols related to national issues represented in the constitutional conference, the population census and the implementation of security arrangements, in addition to discussing the progress of implementing the protocols of the process.

Darfur, whose implementation matrix has changed a lot and has gone through different circumstances, Nimer said, noting the importance of concerted efforts in order to address the challenges facing the deployment of security forces in Darfur in order to protect civilians. Nimr said that he discussed with Ambassador Good Free the challenges facing the citizens of the state in the field of agricultural pastoral activities and access to water services, health and education.

For his part, Ambassador Frey said in the same press conference that his talks with the Governor of North Darfur dealt with all issues of common concern, programs and projects implemented by the US Agency for International Development in various areas of the state, noting that this assistance also includes those affected by the recent rains and floods, and Goode added.

It noteworthy that he spoke with Governor Nimr about the Juba Peace Agreement, continuing the understanding between the Sudanese people on the one hand and the American people on the other, noting that Washington is looking forward to contributing to building a civil state in Sudan, stressing his country’s desire to support the Sudanese people for the success of the democratic transition in the country.

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