Olympic Committee suspends the Court of Arbitration for Sport

The Executive Council of the Sudanese Olympic Committee issued a decision to freeze the board of directors of the Court of Arbitration for Sports, and to suspend its work and activities, while the committee tasked with the chairmanship of the first vice-chairman of the Sudanese Olympic Committee and the membership of members of the Council continues to follow up on the completion of the necessary requirements.

This decision is valid until an integrated file is presented to the first meeting of the General Assembly of the Sudanese Olympic Committee, with thanks and appreciation to the head of the judiciary and other bodies for their cooperation in the stages of establishing the Sports Arbitration Commission.

The Executive Council had issued this decision after reviewing the progress of the work of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and holding more than one meeting between the Olympic Committee and the Court’s Board of Directors. The entity, and not including most of the sports federations of the Authority in the systems with the importance of harmonizing the name of the established entity with the Youth and Sports Law 2016, with the statute of the Sudanese Olympic Committee to ensure the mechanism for implementing decisions with the judicial authorities in the country, and in order to establish a strong and transparent start and to ensure the establishment of a sports arbitration body that enjoys the respect and consensus of all components of the sports community.

A court freezing decision was issued Sports arbitration and suspension of its work and activities.

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