On the occasion of Arab Traffic Week.. Reducing traffic transactions to 50%

Stand up to Khartoum in charge of Ahmed Osman Hamza on the readiness of implementing the decision to reduce traffic transactions by 50% in the traffic week period.

The Director of the Khartoum State Traffic Service, Major General of the Aladdin Mohammed Al-Hassan Police and General Amir Abdul Fatah Al-Hajj Police, Director of the Licensing Department, briefed the Khartoum State Traffic Department on the latest preparations for the launch of Arab Traffic Week between 15 and 21 May.

He stressed to Khartoum the cooperation of the state agencies with the Traffic Department to ensure the success of the Arab Traffic Week and work to provide all the possibilities to enable the Traffic Police to deliver guidance messages to road partners to avoid traffic accidents and congestion in intersections and main roads through awareness campaigns organized by the Traffic Department.

Assure the WAL of the readiness to enforce the decision to reduce traffic transactions by 50% in the traffic week period.

Major General Aladdin Mohammed al-Hassan, Director of the State Traffic Service, said that this year’s traffic week comes under the slogan “Safe and sophisticated passage” and that the passage of the state annually celebrates the Arab Traffic Week and commended the efforts of the state government to support various traffic activities to achieve the traffic objectives of developing work and performance in order to achieve the awareness and guidance traffic message.

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