Presenting the Sudanese heritage from a modern perspective

A press conference was held today in the hall of the National Authority for Museums and Antiquities to inaugurate the project (Heritage .. Archeology Binds Us), which aims to promote the archaeological heritage of Sudan locally and globally through the audio guide scheduled to be launched on the twenty-seventh of this month.

Mrs. Ghalia Jar Al-Nabi, Acting Director of the National Authority for Antiquities and Museums, said that the project currently covers a small part of the archaeological artifacts of the Napata era, which is being expanded to include more pieces that represent other historical periods in the history of Sudan.

Mr. Daniel Weiss, Charge of Affairs of the European Union Mission to Sudan emphasized that cultural heritage is an important resource for economic growth, providing youth employment and strengthening social cohesion, whether this heritage is tangible or intangible. He added that the (Heritage, Archeology Binds Us) project will make the archaeological and historical heritage available not only to the Sudanese, but also to the Europeans and the rest of the world.

It is noteworthy that the idea of ​​the project depends on the creation of an audio guide to identify ten artifacts, including the statues of King Taharqa and King Atlanirsa, the Ushabti statues and the funerary vessel of King Anlamni, in addition to a number of jewelry from the Napata era.

The audio guide will be available to the public in the new buildings of the French Antiquities Unit in Sudan inside the National Museum on the 27th of this June.

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