Qatar’s Red Crescent is travelling on an aid convoy for those affected by floods in the River Nile

The Qatar Red Crescent in the Sudan continued to provide humanitarian assistance by operating a new relief convoy to assist those affected by floods and floods in the Sudan.

The Qatar Red Crescent Office, in cooperation with the Sudanese Red Crescent, distributed 32 tons of food to those affected in the State of River Nile in Berber local villages. This distribution is intended to distribute 130 tons of foodstuffs to 2,500 families affected by floods and floods in Sudan in the states of the island and Kassala.

Aladdin al-Badri, head of the Qatari Red Crescent office in the Sudan, confirmed in a press release that the office continues to implement projects in various areas of health, relief and development in the Sudan.

A peaceful campaign, Sudan, was launched by the Qatar Philanthropic Authority in collaboration with Qatar’s flood relief charities in the Sudan, which has swept across many states.

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