Rapid Support claims that the Ethiopian embassy was bombed by the Sudanese army in Khartoum

The Rapid Support Forces claimed that the Sudanese army bombed the headquarters of the Ethiopian embassy. It claimed in a statement on its account, today (Tuesday), that the army and what it described as “remnants of the regime” bombed the Ethiopian embassy buildings, causing massive destruction to the building, which is located in the buildings area of ​​the Sudanese capital. She described these actions as “barbaric,” as they targeted the headquarters of diplomatic missions and international organizations.

As the war enters its sixth month, Khartoum continues to witness daily clashes and confrontations between the two sides of the crisis. Artillery shelling was renewed by the army on sites and targets belonging to the Rapid Support Forces in a number of areas in Khartoum and the old Omdurman region. Army marches bombed support sites on 60th Street, southeast of the capital.

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