Reble RSF battle situation

Prior to Operation Decisive Pincer, a special report on the rebel situation is going to be presented. starting with the front lines of the dignity war

Eastern states

The state of Kassala, the state of Gedaref and the state of the Red Sea, the rebellion in the three states was ended through surrender or defeat, and thus the eastern states became free of the rebels.

The commander of Al-Fashaga region receives the vehicles and the covenant from the rebels.

Central and South states

The Blue Nile state, the insurrection, its headquarters, and its army were all subdued. On the other hand, in the state of White Nile, the rebel forces turned over to the sudanese armed forces the headquarters, the systems, the covenant, and the siding.

The headquarters, the mechanisms, the covenant, and the alignment have been given to by the state of Sennar. While Al-Jazeera’s state has transferred the headquarters, the mechanisms, the covenant, and the alignment.

North and Nile states

In Marawi Air Base the rebellion was defeated, and the rebel leader was neutralized, and a large number of the rebels were captured.

Darfur states

The uprising in North Darfur has been put down, the insurgents’ central leadership has been neutralized, and their forces have scattered. The uprising was likewise put down in Southern Darfur, and its processes and headquarters were accepted.

Some rebels in East Darfur gave up, the remainder were routed, and the headquarters and weapons were addition to Central Darfur and West Darfur.

Kordofan states

The rebels surrendered the army’s command post, equipment, and covenant in North Kordofan. After defeating the rebels, West Kordofan takes possession of their machinery, gear, and covenant. The headquarters, the covenant, and South Kordofan have been delivered.

Conflicts on the field In addition to some of the rebels turning themselves in to the military troops, several rebels were caught during the clashes in various Khartoum State locations.

A raid on the residence of the fugitive rebel leader Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo resulted in the apprehension of many rebels and the seizure of their vehicles.


Quality Arresting the rebel commanders stopped and frustrated the rebels, who eventually defected and split their troops, neutralizing the forces from the field and office leadership.

Rebels Media

 The rebels activated their electronic media through an apartment in the Taif suburb, next to the Makkah School, run by technicians working with the rebels, following the ongoing defeats of the rebel ranks and the decline of the rebellion in specific areas of Khartoum State.

According to the rebels’ whereabouts and the restriction of the popular media supporting the Sudanese Armed Forces in its war against the rebellion.

The purpose of creating the media room is to propagate misinformation, use racist language, and demoralize the armed forces by broadcasting rumors like the rebel leader’s statement on news channels.

Rebel Groups


The only losses the insurgents sustained were on the battlefield.


The rebels suffered injuries as a result of a lack of supplies and food as well as from lack of sleep brought on by the military’s relentless attacks.

Fuel scarcity

Due to the stoppage of assistance and the scattering of the rebels

Significant ammo scarcity is present.

The main cause of the rebels’ flight and abandonment of their cars in the streets and neighborhoods is this.

The anxiety

Owing to the enormous number of captures, which have so far totaled four thousand captives.


Contrary to the conscription rule, the majority of the rebels are young, between the ages of 16 and 18.


Since the rebels lack a fighting philosophy, they fight under the pretext of insurrection for financial gain, which causes their resolve to swiftly wane.


You can tell they haven’t been in a fight by the way they move, how they deploy, and how they put themselves together, not to mention how bad they are at using specialist weapons.

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