Russian delegation discusses investment in livestock

The Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Professor Al-Hafiz Ibrahim Abdel Nabi, discussed with the visiting Russian delegation investment in livestock products, especially the meat industry, and the establishment of slaughterhouses.

A meeting took place in his office with the visiting Russian delegation to the country, Hafez said that the delegation discussed cooperation in establishing factories and slaughterhouses in the production of red meat, slaughtered offal and leather tanning.

In addition, they reviewed plans and studies previously agreed upon in establishing a meat factory proposed to be implemented and presented at the meeting of the Ministerial Committee, which is being held In August of next year in Russia.

The minister affirmed the desire of many foreign countries to benefit from the promotion of successful investment fields in live and slaughtered meat. He declared his ministry’s readiness to encourage investment that supports the development of the meat and export industry, as one of the ministry’s strategies.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry, Dr. Amir Jaafar Saad, described the visit of the Russian delegation as a good opportunity to benefit from meat and its products and waste to increase the added value, saying that we have a remarkable development in the feed and pharmaceutical industry, and we need a tangible partnership to develop in the field of the refrigeration industry to help in export work.

The Director of the General Department of Quarries and Meat Health at the Ministry, Dr. Ali Adam, explained that Sudan is considered (the world’s food basket), and works in accordance with the health requirements of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). We also have qualified quarries that operate in an integrated chain from primary to final quarries.

The delegation expressed their thanks and appreciation for the mutual cooperation, stressing their readiness to work immediately in expanding the meat industry projects in Sudan, considering that they had a previous visit during which they signed many agreements in the fields of agriculture and livestock.

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