Security and Defence Council recommends lifting state of emergency and release of detainees

General Abdul Fatah al-Burhan, Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council of the Republican Palace, presided today over the ordinary meeting of the Security and Defence Council.

During the meeting, the Council discussed the overall security situation in the country and the need to create an atmosphere conducive to dialogue and national consensus.

The Council expressed its appreciation and thanks to President Salvaker Mayardit of South Sudan and the troika for their efforts and constant concern for the safety and stability of the Sudan.

Defence Minister General Yas Ibrahim, spokesperson for the Council, explained in a press statement that the Council had made recommendations to the President of the Sovereign Council, including lifting the state of emergency throughout the country and releasing all detainees under the Emergency Law, so as not to contravene laws relating to state security issues or the Criminal Code and allowing Al Jazeera directly to broadcast.

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