Security authorities prevent a delegation of eastern leaders from crossing to Eritrea

The Sudanese authorities prevented the delegation of the civil administrations and political forces from entering the State of Eritrea and returned them from inside the Eritrean lands after receiving an invitation from the Eritrean President to the leaders of the civil administrations and political forces to reflect on the crisis of the troubled region.

A leader in the delegation revealed that the Eritrean ambassador addressed the delegation from within the Eritrean territory after they had lunch. The ambassador continued that the Eritrean authorities informed the Sudanese government of their invitation to the delegation for a five-day visit to reflect on the crisis in the east.

The ambassador made several contacts with the Sudanese side to allow the delegation, but the Sudanese government prevented and attempts The ambassador failed to save the situation, and the delegation returned to Kassala, amid the rumbling of some leaders.

The delegation, consisting of 75 leaders, including ten overseers, moved at eight in the morning from Kassala by land to the Al-Lafa border crossing area in order to enter the State of Eritrea.

The delegation waited for about seven hours, waiting for the approval of the Sudanese side. The representative of the representative of the Emirate of Hausa Hamzah informed that the authorities justified that they had not received a notification to allow the delegation to leave. Including the interference of former Chadian President Idriss Deby in the Darfur region crisis.

Hamza added that the Eritrean authorities addressed the Sudanese government regarding the visit, and that they had clashed with the previously announced ban on leaving the delegation.

It is noteworthy that the Sudanese-Eritrean border has been closed since 2018, during the previous crisis. At a time, experts considered that the leadership of the East trotting and lying in the arms of Eritrea does not contribute to solving the problem and demanded not to internationalize the issue and work to solve it internally without the help of a foreign friend.

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