Setting the date for the start of the Premier League Cup

The Organizing Committee of the competitions of the Sudanese Football Association decided to determine the ceremony of the draw for the Premier League on September 26, 2022, and to determine the start of the Premier League matches on the second of October 2022.

The Organizing Committee for Competitions of the Sudanese Football Association held its periodic meeting No.20 in its offices at the headquarters of the Federation in Khartoum headed by Tariq Atta Saleh, Vice President of the Federation, Chairman of the Committee and in the presence of all its members and considered many of the agenda in the agenda and took a number of decisions.

The committee approved the minutes of the previous meeting No.18 dated 8/23/2022 and No.19 dated 8/25/2022. The committee reviewed the programming of the matches of the Premier League for the 2022/2023 season.

The committee discussed the remaining matches of the Sudan Cup for the 2022 season, and after deliberation and discussion, the committee decided to schedule the matches as follows:

-23-9-2022 Khartoum National, Toti Khartoum in Khartoum Stadium

-23-9-2022 Al Hilal Khartoum and Minarti New Halfa at Al Hilal Stadium

– 27-9-2022 Ghaleb Al-Hilal Khartoum match, Minarti Halfa and Al-Hilal Al-Fasher match at Al-Hilal Stadium9-28-2022.

It was decided that the date of the final match will be determined at a later time. The committee reviewed the programming of the general league matches for the 2022-2023 season, which qualifies for the Premier League championship for the 2023-2024 season.

The second preliminary stage starts on 10/14/2022 to 10/21/2022, with the first stage starting on 10/28/2022 until 4/11/2022, and the group stage starts on 11/18/2022.

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