Social development in Khartoum: 77,000 unemployed graduates

The Director General of the Ministry of Social Development of Khartoum State, Siddiq Hassan Freini, directed the Department of the Graduate Employment Authority of Khartoum State to design non-primitive programmes and projects that keep pace with the technological and technical development pursued by the State and sought by the outside world.

They are required the management of the Authority to inform their active and pioneering role in addressing the Shawaq and the aspirations of young graduates with projects and service programs that meet their aspirations and aspirations by exploiting their strengths and youth motivation and transforming them into programmes and projects that serve them primarily.

According to the Ministry’s information, the Executive Director of the Agency explained that universities in Khartoum state graduated at least one year (102A) graduates per year (25A) Graduate with employment opportunities in government and private institutions and (77 A) Graduate becomes unemployed and the vision of the Agency is based on training because it is a gateway to obtaining projects.

One of the most prominent courses implemented by the Agency is courses in development education and the dissemination of the culture of self-employment, as well as the design of courses in the administrative, engineering and medical fields as well as courses in self-development. (70 agricultural incubators) and (140 industrial incubators) in addition to the establishment of (70 service incubators) in addition to the training of 2,000 graduates in manufacturing, which revealed ̋ of a number of challenges to the functioning of the Agency, notably policy instability.

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