Somalia stands on the Sudan’s experience in combating violence against children

The National Council for Child Welfare met with the delegation of the State of Somalia to build on Sudan’s experience in reducing violence against children.

Dr. Najat al-Assad, Secretary of the Protection Secretariat of the Council, said that child protection policies in the Sudan were a particularly valuable experience in combating social misconduct against girls, namely the campaign “Salima”, which called for the cessation of female genital mutilation and amputation (article 141 of the Sudanese Children’s Act 2010).

Dr. Najat al-Assad added that the Council is eager to set the age of marriage in the Sudan at 18 years in partnership with the pilot countries.

Mr. Hassan Ali, representative of the Somali delegation, referred to the Sudanese experience developed by the National Council for Child Welfare to combat and combat violence against children, particularly with regard to the “Salima” campaign.

He stressed that Somalia was trying to mix experiences to eliminate gender-based violence, noting that the purpose of the visit was to try to adopt some child protection policies and apply them in the State of Somalia, especially since the two States were similar in culture and religion.

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