Sovereign Member Maulana Youssef Jad Karim assures of security conditions in West Kordofan

Member of the Transitional Sovereign Council Maulana Yusuf Jad Karim Mohammed reassured the entire security situation in West Kordofan State, following the events in the Naswakah area of the state, which killed a number of citizens.

In meeting with his office in the Republican Palace, the member of the Sovereign Council, the delegation of the Emirate of Western Kordofan, stressed the need for efforts to address the security situation, establish security and stability, and resolve sedition and tribal conflicts.

Prince Omar Mohammed Adam Adlan, Emir of Sudan, said in a press release that “we have found a great and capable response from the member of the Sovereign Council, to address conflicts and security fluctuations, demarcate borders and secure the agricultural season and promote peaceful coexistence among the community components of the state.”

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