State of Gedaref announced the arming of all citizens to confront the Rapid Support Militia

The governor of Gedaref, Mohamed Abdel Rahman Mahjoub, announced the arming of all citizens of Gedaref state in order to confront the Rapid Support militia.

The governor also called, during his address to the great popular mobilization of the Al-Faw locality, in support of the armed forces as they fight the War of Dignity. He also called on the citizens to extract their weapons and their private, regulated and unregulated four-wheel drive vehicles to protect the land and honor and fight until the last soldier and mobiliser.

The governor decided not to negotiate with the rebel militia and the parties supporting it, which did not even condemn the major violations that occurred against the Sudanese citizen, stressing his strong condemnation of all crimes committed by the Rapid Support Forces in Khartoum, Madani, Zalingei, and Darfur region.

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