Sudan closes Qallabat border crossing with Ethiopia

In light of the ongoing clashes between the Amharic Fanu and Liuhaili Special Forces in Bahr Dar’s Mahazi district, the Sudanese government in the state of Gedaref declared the closure of the Qalabat border crossing with Ethiopia.

Major General Mudassir Hassab al-Rasoul, the reporteur of the state security committee, the director of the Gedaref state police, confirmed that the suspension of land travel procedures at the Qalabat crossing came in order to preserve the safety and lives of foreigners and Sudanese nationals traveling through Ethiopia.

He explained that the Ethiopian embassy and the authorities were informed of this decision so that the Ethiopian government would have the chance to control the unrest in the Bahir Dar region, which is close to the state of Gedaref.

Due to the ongoing military conflict and their refusal to fully abide by all military and political decisions issued by the official authorities and the Ethiopian army regarding merger and demobilization, the military leaders of the Amharic Fanu militia in Ethiopia issued a state of high alert in all regions of the region.

The Fano militia declared a state of mobilization and alert to continue fighting and closed all roads leading to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

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