Sudan participates in the United Nations Secretariat Education Transformation Summit

Sudan’s delegation participated in the Education Transformation Summit held from 16 to 19 September 2022 at the United Nations General Secretariat in New York, with high-level representation of Heads of State and Government, representatives of civil society and international organizations, as well as stakeholders.

Leaders reaffirmed their political commitment to education as a public good that provides a unique opportunity to develop humanity and stressed the importance of offsetting the losses suffered by the education sector and the negative effects suffered by the sector during the coronavirus pandemic.

The importance of achieving SDG 4 on quality education by the year 2030 through the development of better societies was agreed by establishing solid educational foundations.

The Summit addressed the Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, through a recorded letter stressing that education reform and advancement are among the Sudan’s top priorities, in particular keeping abreast of recent global trends and bridging the digital divide, as well as the introduction of ICT in schools and educational institutions and working to provide an enabling educational environment.

Education was a human right, and the priorities of Sudan’s educational and educational policies were to provide opportunities for all without discrimination, develop curricula and keep pace with scientific development.

He also called on the United Nations, its specialized agencies, friendly and sisterly States and international financial institutions to demonstrate political will and contribute to supporting the Sudan’s efforts to transform education by financing educational institutions, strengthening infrastructure, establishing safe and healthy schools and funding computerization and digitization programmes so that the Sudan could achieve quality education as a sustainable development goal.

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