Sudan recalls its ambassador to Ethiopia after “executing” 7 soldiers and a civilian

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today (Monday) that Khartoum will immediately recall its ambassador to Ethiopia for consultations after the “execution” of seven Sudanese soldiers who were held captive by the Ethiopian army. added that the Ethiopian ambassador to Khartoum will also be summoned today.

In a statement yesterday, the Sudanese army accused the Ethiopian army of executing seven Sudanese soldiers and a civilian who were prisoners. The Sudanese army also accused Ethiopia of displaying the bodies of the executed people to the public and vowed to respond “to this cowardly act as it suits”.

The Sudanese armed forces said in a statement that “this treacherous position will not go unanswered.”
Tensions have escalated between Sudan and Ethiopia in recent years due to the repercussions of the conflict in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia and the construction of a giant hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile.

Tens of thousands of refugees have fled to eastern Sudan and military skirmishes have taken place in an area of ​​disputed agricultural land along the border between Sudan and Ethiopia.

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