Sudanese-Chinese relations… Growing Up and Evolution

Sudan-China relations were associated with the early 20th century and consisted of economic trade cooperation and other areas. As is historically known, the Chinese people have been highly respectful and appreciative of the Sudanese people. and that bilateral relations between them are strong and strategic in nature and have become fundamental norms and principles, although different Governments have not been affected because they were governed by respect for State sovereignty, equality and non-interference in internal affairs.

Sudanese-Chinese relations arose in January 1959 and continue to this day. This relationship has been diplomatically documented by international and regional cooperation in various fields. Since then, the Sudan has received special attention from China. This interest has evolved over time and has become characterized as positive relations and has expanded in all lifestyles between the two countries. China is the largest foreign investor in the Sudan and its investments are the largest in Africa. The Sudan is a fertile land for Chinese trade. It is Africa’s largest market for China’s economic and financial transactions and is the largest trading partner after Angola and South Africa. The relationship between the two countries has also been witnessing considerable efforts to achieve a strategic and diplomatic partnership to achieve cooperation and economic stability between the two countries in order to achieve sustainable development and address all challenges. China is an important element of the Sudan’s foreign policy and promotes the development of relations and a renewed commitment to strengthening friendship. Sudanese diplomatic relations have never been strained or diminished. The stages of the development of Sino-Sudan relations took place rapidly, with many agreements between them being the first agreement between the two countries in 1962 as the first trade treaty and then the trade relations department expanded.
In 2020, there were several agreements. Sudan announced 10 agreements to explore for gold and minerals in the presence of the Minister of Energy and Mining, Abdulrahman, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Mining, Mohammed Yahya, and geologist. s Ambassador in Khartoum and representatives of signatory companies and states. China’s investments in the Sudan have covered all areas of agriculture, mining, industry and also economic areas. Many Chinese companies have implemented development and infrastructure projects in the petroleum sector.

In addition to maintaining the security and stability of the Sudan, China played an important role at the regional and international levels. China made every effort to safeguard Sudan’s sovereignty from external interference. Security Council resolution 1769 on the deployment of troops from the African Union and the United Nations in Darfur was adopted, but China’s position at that stage was to seek cooperation with and assist the SudGovernment, not to exert pressure or impose sanctions on the Sud. On the internal side, China sought to unite and called for a comprehensive ceasefire and impressed by the process of political negotiations with those who had not signed the Abuja Agreement and announced the provision of RMB40 million in humanitarian assistance to settle displaced persons, return refugees to Darfur and improve living conditions at that time.

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