Sudanese government rejects IGAD’s summit to discuss the situation in Sudan… and Hemedti accepts

The East African Development Authority (IGAD) called for a summit of the organization to be held in Uganda, on Thursday, to discuss the situation in Sudan, while the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that “there is no need” to hold a summit, and in return, the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti) expressed ) He accepted the invitation.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry stated in a statement, on Saturday, that Khartoum continued to “deal positively with all initiatives, especially IGAD’s efforts to reach peace in Sudan. However, IGAD did not commit to implementing the outcomes of the recent summit in Djibouti by meeting with the head of the Sovereignty Council and the leader of the rebellion, and did not provide a convincing justification for canceling the agreement.” The meeting called for by IGAD on December 28, 2023, under the pretext that the rebel leader was unable to attend for technical reasons while he was touring a number of IGAD countries on the same date.

The ministry added that the government of Sudan believes that “there is no need to hold a summit to discuss Sudan’s issue before implementing the outcomes of the previous summit.” It also reiterated that what is going on in Sudan is “an internal matter, and that our response to regional initiatives does not mean giving up our sovereign right to resolve issues.” Sudan problem by the Sudanese.

Hemedti accepts the invitation

On the other hand, the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo “Hemedti,” said that he accepted an invitation from IGAD to participate in the forty-second special session of the Council of Heads and Governments of the Organization’s countries on January 18 in the Ugandan city of Entebbe.

He explained through his account on X platform said that his acceptance of the invitation comes “in line with our firm position in support of a comprehensive peaceful solution, which ends once and for all the wars in Sudan in general, and the April 15 war in particular.”

He continued: “We in the Rapid Support Forces renew our commitment to putting an end to the suffering of the Sudanese resulting from this war and other wars that have been going on for years on the outskirts of Sudan, so that all Sudanese can enjoy truly lasting peace, security and stability, development, justice, freedom and democracy, and to contribute to preserving and maintaining security and peace in The region and the world.

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