Sudanese orders to detain dozens collaborators with Rapid Support

The Public Prosecutor and Head of the Committee to Investigate War Crimes and Violations of the Rapid Support Forces stated that the committee is working on procedures related to the recovery of the leaders of the Rapid Support and its collaborators who are outside of Sudan, in addition to issuing an arrest warrant for 250 politicians, journalists, and activists for their cooperation with the Rapid Support Forces.

The forced disappearance of 500 persons and 45 incidences of sexual assault, according to Khalifa, were both documented. A number of witnesses were also transferred to investigation and investigative committees where they provided documentation and videos in addition to their testimony.

According to Khalifa’s claims there have been roughly 1,078 reports of forced disappearances, rape, looting, theft, and ethnic cleansing, according to preliminary figures.

Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, the president of the Sovereignty Council, made a decision in August 2017 to create a commission “to address war crimes and inventory violations and practices” of the Rapid Support Forces, which has been in place since mid-April and is led by Attorney General Khalifa Ahmed Khalifa.

The Rapid Support Forces were charged with war crimes and rape during the conflict that started five months ago by the United Nations and numerous human rights organizations.

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