Sudanese Popular Resistance Expands

The Sudanese Popular Resistance has been expanding in safe areas of Sudan, following the invasion of the Rapid Support Forces of the city of Wad Madani, the capital of Al-Jazirah State, after the army withdrew from it, indicating a betrayal expressed by the Sudanese Armed Forces in a statement taking measures to investigate what happened on December 17th, when the Rapid Support Forces invaded the city causing significant damage to infrastructure and public facilities. Cases of home invasion, murder, robbery, and rape of women were also documented by international organizations and local community organizations.

The Popular Resistance has been organized in the states of Al-Qadarif, Sinnar, Red Sea, Al-Malihah, and Nile River, creating a state of general mobilization and alertness. The youth have been organized in combat training camps, along with arming military units for citizens to protect themselves and their land. Many wealthy businesspeople have also bought cars and weapons.

This has caused a stir in the media circles due to the secrecy surrounding Sudan, as a result of the scarcity of information due to the danger of accessing it.

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