Sudan’s Commissioner for Human Rights inspects correctional, justice and judicial institutions in the state of Kassala

The delegation of the National Human Rights Commission of the Sudan, which is currently visiting Kassala State under the chairmanship of Dr. Rafat Mirghani Abbas within the programme of the delegation’s visit to the State, visited the Kassala National Prison accompanied by the President of the Commission in Sector East Yas Jafar.

The President of UNHCR and his accompanying delegation heard a detailed enlightenment from Major Amjad Awad Mohamed Siddiq, Director of Kassala Prison, about the entire prison situation of 522 inmates, 102 of whom were on trial, denying the presence of any detainees inside the prison.

He stressed the interest of the prison administration in providing the best services and taking into account the rights and humanitarian aspects of the inmates as well as the accompanying qualifying programs.

The Commissioner and his accompanying delegation toured all the prison facilities and departments and heard the inmates’ problems and complaints.

On a related level, the Commissioner and the accompanying delegation met with the Head of the Judiciary of Kassala Maulana State, Dr. Sadik Khalifa Mustafa, who welcomed the visiting delegation, stating that the Judiciary was keen to ensure the human and human rights of the State.

He directed all judges to expedite trial proceedings to reduce the waiting period for defendants and promised to work and coordinate with UNHCR to improve the mandate’s humanitarian situation.

For his part, UNHCR’s Head of Sector East explained that UNHCR had traditionally carried out a series of field visits to identify humanitarian situations.

The visit came to check the workflow of the eastern sector, which is one of the most fragile areas.

It should be noted that OHCHR is organizing specialized anti-hate speech workshops in cooperation with UNDP with the participation of a number of official and community bodies.

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