Sudan’s Declaration of Independence.. December 19 Proceedings of the Historic Session

December 19th is the anniversary of Sudan’s declaration of independence from inside Parliament , a day that must be remembered forever.

The session number 43 in the third session of the first Sudanese parliament, was on Monday, December 19, 1955.Began with the presentation of some proposals, and they were approved.

But the most important proposals were those submitted by Representative (Abdul Rahman Muhammad Ibrahim Dabaka), deputy of the West Nyala district.

His proposal included the following:

“Mr. President, I would like to propose to His Excellency the following Governor-General, we, the members of the House of Representatives in Parliament, assembled, declare in the name of the people of Sudan that Sudan has become an independent and fully sovereign state, and we ask Your Excellency to ask the two states of the Condominium to immediately recognize this declaration and that the declaration of independence is part of this council is a natural, legitimate and sacred national duty after the country entered the final phase of the transitional phase.

As we register to the Egyptian and British governments our appreciation for their fulfillment of their obligations in the Sudan Agreement concluded between them in 1953, we seriously hope that they will quickly respond to this appeal issued by the Parliament of the Sudanese people and recognize our comprehensive independence and sovereignty.

We want our country to have complete and clean independence in which no country in the world has any influence that disturbs its existence or interferes with our right to act in our affairs in accordance with the interest of Sudan.

Rather, we want our country, in the era of independence, to have a good democratic rule that guarantees social justice and equal opportunities for all Sudanese without discrimination or favoritism”.

After that, Mr. (Mashawar Juma Sahel), the deputy of Dar Hamid district in North Kordofan, dissuaded the proposal submitted and Mr. (Mohammed Ahmed Al-Mahjoub), the leader of the opposition, spoke, saying, “If the seats in the House of Representatives were placed in a manner that allows us to sit today in a one row so that the borders and partisan divisions disappear, we would not have hesitated about that for a single moment, and I hope, Mr. President, that you will allow me to announce this Council today to the whole world that Sudan has become an independent and fully sovereign state”.

On his part, Mr. (Mubarak Zarrouk), the leader of the parliamentary bloc, spoke. “The pillars of Sudan must be based, and from today on the foundations of democracy and justice, and that we face the problems of the future as men, and know how to weigh and appreciate matters. Building nations is not an easy matter, and with self-denial, sound intent, sincerity of determination, penetrating insight, and cooperation, we can make up for what we missed when the reins of affairs were taken by the foreigner, that our work must be for the benefit of the people first and foremost, that their will be replaced by the first, and that our concern be to work to make them happy, raise their level, erase the traces left on themselves, their bodies, and their colonial society, and restore their self-confidence and prepare conditions for them In which they breathes freedom and in which the doors of opportunities are opened in front of them, and we give them the freedoms that free people everywhere.”

Then there was the strong and clear speech of Mr. Leader Ismail Al-Azhari, as he said his famous saying that was a surprise to the whole world, especially the two states of rule, and even the Sudanese opposition led by Muhammad Ahmed Al-Mahjoub, where the leader said:

Today we declare it a cure and from within this parliament that Sudan is free and independent with all its geographical borders.” The audience applauded for a long time, the representatives of the people embraced, and congratulations poured out in a purely patriotic scene.

The proposal for Sudan’s independence was approved by the members of parliament, and the historic session continued, where Mr. Hassan Jibril Suleiman, deputy of the (Dar Masalit South) district, presented the following proposal:

“Since he must recognize the independence of Sudan with the establishment of a Sudanese head of state, it is the opinion of this parliament that the parliament elect a committee of five Sudanese to exercise the powers of the head of state in accordance with the provisions of an interim constitution approved by the current parliament until the head of state is elected in accordance with the provisions of the final Sudanese constitution.

The story of independence and its achievement deserves study and contemplation of every word uttered by these brave people who differ in their partisan orientations, but they are united for the sake of Sudan and Sudanese.

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