Sudan’s Islamic Fiqh Complex Calls For Military Support And Rapid Support To Stop War

The Sudanese Islamic Fiqh Complex issued a statement explaining the country’s difficult conditions of killing, displacement, insecurity and sabotage of the Almighty Allah to put out the fire of war and to be security and stability on the country.

They gave several tips stressing that fighting is evil and should be avoided only if all means of reform end. He also emphasized that the preservation of Islam is provided for everything as well as the preservation of the souls, people and funds

They called for the assistance of those in need and called for the support of the Sudanese Armed Forces, which were responsible for safeguarding the country’s security and protecting property. He also appealed for Rapid Support Forces stop the fighting and take advantage of amnesties for all those who surrendered and put down arms. He also directed people and civil organizations to bury bodies in honour of the dead.

The Fiqh Complex affirmed the inviolability of attacks on public and private funds and warned against the robbery of shops and looting of people’s property. It called on traders not to exploit people’s needs, raise prices and hide essential goods.

They also called on the media and those on social media platforms to express reassurance and to stop spreading rumours, and directed the citizens to be patient and stay in their homes except as absolutely necessary. They also commended the attitude of the people in the states and recommended the sustainability of this and to invite the imams of mosques to pray for the release of misfortunes and that Allah preserve Sudan and its people.

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