Telecom celebrates Sudan’s representatives in the ESCWA competition

Arabic digital content Eng. Jamal Amin El-Sayed, representative of the Ministry of Communications and Digital Transformation, affirmed the ministry’s continuous keenness to support the development process in the axis of digital transformation with all available capabilities.

Addressing the Ministry of Communications and Digital Transformation today, he indicated the closing event of the capacity-building project for participants in the ESCWA Prize for Arabic Digital Content for Sustainable Development, which was organized by the National Software Center at the National Information Center under the slogan “For Sudanese content on the Internet”.

Eng. Jamal Amin also praised the efforts of the National Information Center for sponsoring this event and many other events, in addition to praising the supervision and sponsorship of government institutions and private sector companies, he also congratulated the applicants for the initiatives, in particular those who were nominated to participate in the ESCWA competition, noting that such initiatives contribute to achieving the strategic goals of regulating digital transformation revenues, and localizing the software and content industry in Sudan.

For her part, Eng. Samah Abdel Halim, General Coordinator of the Capacity Building Project for Applicants for the Award, said that the initiative comes as an extension of continuous and fruitful cooperation with the Social and Economic Commission for Western Asia and North Africa (ESCWA), indicating that Sudan is one of its members, within the framework of encouraging the private and public sector and young entrepreneurs.

On production and manufacture of software, applications and electronic services. She pointed out that ESCWA launched the second cycle of the ESCWA Prize for Arabic Digital Content for Sustainable Development for the years 2022-2023, in cooperation with the World Summit Awards.

The award is given to the best Arabic digital content products related to development goals, and sustainable. Samah explained that the initiative’s role is to provide support and build capacity through a specialized advisory team. She stressed that the door for submission is open to all categories after fulfilling the conditions of the award, and for its importance internationally in enriching the Arabic digital content.

Registration was opened early last September, when 69 different product requests were received, and then 24 products were selected after ensuring that they met the conditions and criteria through a technical committee from National Information Center.

In turn, Dr. Marwa Mohamed Ahmed, a consultant at the Zafar Training Center, expressed her thanks to the National Software Center at the National Information Center, which provided the opportunity for young people to participate in the award’s activities, describing the young participants as distinguished by high competencies and great ambition, which gives everyone hope to move forward. She also touched on the efforts made to provide support and assistance to the participants in the award’s activities, wishing them success and achieving advanced positions to contribute to raising of Sudan up high.

It is worth noting that certificates of appreciation were presented to the parties that contributed in the success of the program, along with the winning business owners to participate in the competition at the level of the Arab world, which numbered (24) different products.

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