The African Union comments on the withdrawal from the dialogue mechanism in Sudan

The African Union Liaison Office in Sudan said, on Wednesday, in a statement, that it did not withdraw from the tripartite mechanism, but rather suspended its participation in meetings and some activities due to the lack of transparency and the exclusion of Sudanese political forces. To facilitate the Sudanese dialogue, he described the course of negotiations as evasion and exclusion. He added that the African Union cannot continue in a path that is not followed by transparency, honesty and non-exclusion, as well as respect for all actors and their equal treatment.

Earlier, the Alliance of Forces for Freedom and Change in Sudan confirmed that it will not return to partnership with the army again, noting that the meeting held between its representative and the representative of the military component of the Sovereignty Council, on Monday, did not reach any specific results.

The Forces for Freedom and Change said in a press statement that the military component has “reservations” about the theses it presented to resolve the crisis in the country, including handing over power completely to civilians and merging the armed forces into a single army, in addition to taking urgent measures to create a climate for dialogue.

The coalition called on all Sudanese to participate in the broad popular march called for by the resistance committees and other revolutionary forces, on June 30.

After its mediation, alongside Saudi Arabia, to bring the two parties together on June 9, the United States confirmed that it is continuing to press for the Sudanese army to cede power and hand it over to civilians, noting that the resumption of aid depends on achieving this.

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