The Anti-Human Trafficking Department frees two children

The Anti-Human Trafficking Department of the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigations managed to free two children who were kidnapped from one of the neighboring countries, who are nationals of the same country.

In human trafficking between the two countries, two suspects were arrested, including a woman, and legal measures were taken against them. Returning to the details of the seizure, the follow-ups of the police press office stated that as soon as information became available to the Anti-Human Trafficking Department, a specialized field team was formed from the department under the direct supervision of the Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigations, and field follow-up to the Director of the Anti-Human Trafficking Department to put an end to the criminal activity of the elements of this criminal network, and end Its criminal adventures, and through the informational, professional and highly professional field research work enjoyed by the officers and members of the team assigned to accomplish this task.

The identity of the two suspects was identified and their exact location was determined. In light of this, a qualitative and well-designed plan was drawn up to raid the kidnappers’ headquarters in Al-Sahafa, south of Khartoum.

The operation resulted in the liberation of the victims. From the clutches of the criminal network, two foreign suspects who are nationals of one of the neighboring countries were arrested.

Accordingly, legal measures were taken against them under No. 26 under Article 7/8 of The Human Trafficking Law, and the two children were handed over to their families.

For his part, Police Major General Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Shameen, Director of the General Department of Investigation, praised the criminal investigations with this great achievement achieved by the Anti-Human Trafficking Department, stressing that the department’s efforts are continuing to eliminate this dangerous phenomenon, and curb the criminal activities of these networks involved in this dangerous criminal activity that threatens security and social peace.

To eliminate this type of crime by activating international plans and agreements in this field

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