The Armed Forces in a statement: The Air Force did not deal on Saturday with any hostile targets in Omdurman.

Within the context of media disinformation and continuous lies pursued by the rebel militia in an attempt to cover up its violations and continuous crimes against civilians, it issued a statement yesterday accusing the armed forces of carrying out an airstrike in Omdurman, which resulted in the injury and death of civilians.

The Armed Forces clarify that the Air Force did not deal with any hostile targets in Omdurman yesterday.

We have made it clear more than once that the militia used to bombard residential areas with artillery and missiles, coinciding with the flight of our planes, in an attempt to falsely accuse the armed forces of targeting citizens.

We also point out that the Sudanese people are not deceived by these lies after it became completely clear to them the truth about this militia, which did not hesitate to kill, plunder, seize the property of citizens and violate their honor since the beginning of its disastrous rebellion.

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