The army launches air strikes and heavy artillery attacks on separate Rapid Support sites in Khartoum

Many Khartoum neighborhoods awoke to the sounds of warplanes and reconnaissance aircraft flying nonstop sorties over the old Omdurman neighborhoods, Umbada and Dar Al-Salam in the west of Omdurman, Al-Salha in the far south of Omdurman, and the bombing of RSF staging areas.

Along with Hajj Youssef, Soba, and Al-Juraif on the eastern Nile, as well as the neighborhoods of Riyadh, Al-Manshiya, Al-Amarat, and Al-Mamoura, military installations of the Rapid Support Forces were also targeted by warplanes and heavy artillery.

In the south of Khartoum, the neighborhoods of “Al-Nahda, Al-Azhari, and Al-Salama,” which are locations under the control of the Rapid Support Forces and contain the largest camps of the forces in Khartoum, were subjected to intense aerial bombardment.

The battles began on April 15 between the Sudanese army and the rebel Rapid Support Forces led by (Hamidti), and have so far resulted in the killing of about 5 thousand people and the displacement of 4.6 million, whether inside or outside the country.

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