The boil spreads in Sudan’s cities and villages

Prices of essential goods and products have risen unprecedented in all states and cities of the Sudan and have increased amid a lack of financial liquidity among citizens and lack of fuel, medicines and agricultural products in markets, especially in the peripheral states experiencing a war between the military and rapid support in the states of Darfur, Kordofan and Khartoum.

Trade and transport of goods and goods between Darfur and the rest of the Central Sudan and the main port in Port Sudan, Red Sea State, were also halted by the halt of the commercial raft for weeks, which made life unbearable in western Sudan.

The spokesman of the Joint Combat Forces attributed the delays in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Darfur region as a result of some administrative arrangements and promises to resume work soon.

Mr. Ahmed Hussein Mustafi, spokesman for the joint forces, said in a press release that the delays in the raft operations were the result of some administrative arrangements for the joint force of the armed struggle movements.

Mustafa acknowledged that the delay in the raft of humanitarian assistance to Darfur’s human beings contributed to the deterioration of the economic situation.
He expected the raft to leave El Fasher for Kosti soon to bring fuel, medicine and other supplies and needs of citizens.

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