The call the people of Sudan organizes a public meeting in Madani

The Sudanese people’s call for national reconciliation organized in the capital of Al-Jazirah state, Wad Madani, the Forum of the People of the Center, a major symposium in which community groups participated.

The speakers pointed out that the initiative came at a defining moment in the history of Sudan, which is going through a dangerous juncture that needs such initiatives, and that the participation of all the people of Sudan in the opinion represents a correct step, especially in crucial issues.

Ibrahim Al-Faki Khaled, representative of Sheikh Al-Tayyib, the grandfather and Dr. Badr, said that the appeal was called to help our people in the transporters, stressing the continuation of support, and touched on the stages that the match has gone through so far, appealing to everyone to meet the invitation and achieve national consensus, stressing their rejection of foreign interference in the country. While Sheikh Karim Mohamed Karim, head of the appeal in the state of Al Jazeera, said that everyone looks at us from agreeing on a road map for a better future, noting that the Sudanese people’s call for reconciliation is considered special, wishing that the transitional period would be completed in a smooth manner that meets everyone’s aspirations.

The representative of the Sufi orders and the deputy head of the call in the state of Al-Jazirah, Sheikh Al-Fateh Shatoot, pointed out the role of the Sufi orders since history and that they always support harmony and interdependence because they are the bearers of a collective message.

Dr. Ammar Zakaria, representative of the political parties, stressed that Sudan has been suffering for decades from wars that impoverished the people and that it is now time to open wider horizons for a Sudan that accommodates everyone, noting that more than 160 initiatives had joined the call.

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