The “critical” humanitarian situation in Sudan continues to deteriorate

Against the backdrop of the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Sudan due to the war between the army and the rebel Rapid Support Forces, the Minister of Social Development in Sudan said that 7 million Sudanese are in need of humanitarian aid, and described the humanitarian situation as critical due to the violations that he said were committed in the clashes.

For his part, the Governor of Khartoum, Ahmed Othman Hamza, appealed to government authorities and humanitarian organizations to provide more aid.

Othman said that the state is in increasing need of aid due to the withdrawal of a number of segments from the production cycle due to the battles.

For its part, the United Nations warned of the danger of continuing fighting, stressing that the price would be high.

The Deputy UN Special Representative and Humanitarian Coordinator for Sudan, Clementine Nkweta Salami, confirmed that the brutal war that has been going on for months has left a heavy price on the country.

She said in a tweet on the X platform: Tomorrow, she will inform member states and the media in Geneva about the worsening humanitarian crisis in the country. She called on the world to stand with the Sudanese people and intensify efforts to prevent the loss of more lives and to end the suffering.

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