The Democratic Unionist Party denies its approval of the proposed draft constitution for the Lawyers’ Committee

Professor Malik Dirar Othman, Deputy Head of the Organization Sector of the Democratic Unionist Party, denied the approval of the on the draft transitional constitution proposed by the Lawyers Committee.

He explained that the people who participated in preparing this draft in the name of the party represent only themselves without referring to the party leadership. Dirar indicated that the party is committed to the comprehensive national reconciliation initiative launched by Sayyid Muhammad Othman Al-Mirghani, head of the Democratic Unionist Party, the origin, and the directives of Mr. Muhammad Al-Hassan Al-Mirghani, deputy head of the party and head of the organization sector, to communicate and dialogue with all political forces, society and civil society organizations to agree on solutions to the crisis the country is witnessing. And complete the remainder of the transitional period up to the elections.

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