The disagreement between the military postpones the political agreement in the Sudan

A wave of frustration prevails on the Sudanese street after the stalled security and military sector reform talks between the military and semi-autonomous “rapid support” forces over command and control cases, raising concerns for the country’s future.

The signing of the political agreement was postponed for the second time indefinitely after it was scheduled yesterday (Thursday) to coincide with the anniversary of two uprisings that overthrew former President Jafar al-Nimeiri’s rule in 1985 and Bashir’s rule in 2019.

The frustration of Army Commander Abdel Fattah al-Burhan has not diminished his commitment to the political process and the work to end the differences between him and his deputy, the “quick support” commander, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemeti), and the assurances made by the political forces involved in the political process.

The military build-up, the deployment of troops, including armoured vehicles, on a number of streets in the capital Khartoum, and information on the recruitment of tens of thousands of army soldiers, on the one hand, and “rapid support”, on the other, and the deployment of heavy inspection forces on most of the main roads have heightened concern.

Al-Barhan pledged to proceed with the completion of the political process with the required speed and considered that the lengthy postponement of the dates of the signing of the political agreement was intended to establish solid frameworks that would sustain the revolution’s momentum and violence.

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