The dispute is expanding within Israel, and Netanyahu is forced to apologize for his tweet

The intensity of blame has escalated in political and security circles in Israel regarding responsibility for the security failure behind the attacks of October 7, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to apologize after he published a tweet blaming the security and intelligence services.

Netanyahu said on Sunday in a statement, “I made a mistake, and what I said after the press conference (to the leaders of the war council yesterday) should not have been said, and I apologize for it.”

He continued, “I give full support to all heads of security forces. I support the Chief of Staff and the army commanders and soldiers who are on the front, fighting for the homeland. Together we will win.”

This morning, Netanyahu was forced to delete a tweet he published last night on the X website – following the press conference – as it sparked widespread criticism from politicians and party leaders, and even from within the Israeli War Council.

The Israeli Prime Minister said in the tweet that he was not warned “under any circumstances, at any stage about the presence of war intentions on the part of Hamas.”

He added, “On the contrary, all security officials, including the head of the (National Security Council) and the head of the General Security Service (Shin Bet), estimated that Hamas was deterred and interested in a settlement.”

The most prominent criticism came from War Council member Benny Gantz, a member of the emergency government and former Defense Minister, as he called on Netanyahu to retract his statements and refrain from any other action or statement that “harms the people’s ability to withstand.”

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