The Electricity Workers Committee announces the end of the strike

The Salary Structure Committee for workers in the electricity sector announced the end of the strike in all the sector and the continuation of work normally, after ratifying the new salary structure, which came in a large proportion of the committee’s proposal.

In a statement, the committee stated that the strike was ended in accordance with guarantees that everyone who participated in the strike would not be held accountable, and as for the cars in the Ministry of Energy, it said that the date of receiving them would be determined by administrative procedures to address urgent communications and autumn emergencies.

The committee called on its employees to unite to restore the sector to what it was before the strike. The committee appealed to workers who are on rest or leave to go to the work sites until all malfunctions are returned. It also requested the cooperation of all workers in the sector with their colleagues in the distribution company to fix the accumulated faults.

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