The Electronic Press Association organizes a workshop on the reality and future of electronic media

The Sudanese Electronic Press Association organized a workshop entitled “The Reality and Future of Electronic Media in the Sudan” in the Grand Hall of the Telecommunications Tower.

The importance of organizing the workshop comes in light of the significant acceleration in information technology, including the electronic media industry worldwide, to discuss several obstacles facing this sector in the Sudan.

These include legal obstacles in the absence of official legislation in the State that defines electronic media as well as administrative obstacles, such as the absence of rules governing this form of media and an administrative destination in the State to which the owners of electronic news sites resort, with the conviction that the existence of laws not only means punishment but also earns electronic newspapers credibility and crystallizes their status as institutions.

Technical and economic constraints also include poor Internet access and lack of access to information from State institutions through official, albeit off-time channels.

The lack of training with a significant shift from paper to electronic journalism and the failure of Sudanese university media faculties’ programmes to keep pace with the enormous surge of digital media and the abundance of websites with weak content.

The workshop programme included a speech by the Minister of Information and Culture, the President of the Arab Union of Electronic Journalism via Zoom Technology, the sponsor’s delegate, the Telecommunication and Postal Regulatory Authority and an opening address by the Chairman of the Organized Committee, Mr. Abubakar, Secretary General of the Electronic Press Association.

The workshop presented five papers, including the paper of the Sudanese Electronic Press Association entitled Electronic Media Obstacles and Solutions Proposed by the President of the Society and the Director of the workshop, Prof. Abdelbaki Jabara Al-Bakri, and a first paper of the World African University entitled “African Electronic Journalism under the new world order”.

The Sudan University of Science and Technology paper on electronic journalism tools and standards is presented by Dr. Mohammed Said Omar Haj Al-Tayeb and the paper of the Alzaem alazhari University on the role of electronic media in disseminating the values of Sudanese identity presented by Dr. Amira hemat

A second paper of the World African University on the reality and challenges of electronic journalism in Sudan.

At the end of the workshop, the comments and recommendations were read by Dr. Saifuddin Hassan al-Awad, Professor, Amderman Islamic University.

A large number of ministries, institutions, universities, regular forces, Sudanese electronic media, press houses, reporters and external media channels were invited.

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