The Federal Minister of Health signs bilateral agreements with the Turkish Ministry of Health

The Federal Minister of Health in charge, Dr. Haitham Muhammad Ibrahim, during his participation in the second meeting of heads of national drug regulatory bodies in the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Istanbul, Turkey, signed bilateral agreements with the Turkish Ministry of Health to expand Turkish medical treatment, training and investment in Sudan.

The Minister, on the framework agreement with the Turkish Holding Company (USASH) in the presence of the Sudanese Ambassador to Turkey Nader Yousef, where the two parties agreed to support Sudan in medical tourism and the establishment of specialized centers, training and trade exchange in medicines, medical devices and consumables.

It also witnessed the signing of a detailed agreement between the director of the National Medical Supplies Fund, Dr. Badr Al-Din Al-Jazouli, and Osash Holding Company to import medicines and medical equipment and achieve maximum benefit from the Turkish market and the facilities provided, in addition to the signing of the agreement between the Turkish Ozmecu factory (one of the largest and oldest Turkish factories).

For equipment, furniture and medical equipment and Kingston International Group of factories in Sudan, which aims to transfer experience and joint manufacturing and open a branch in Sudan. The agreement was signed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Mubarak and for the Turkish side by Dr. Rushdo Azmejo.

In addition, the Federal Ministry of Health agreed with the Turkish Ministry of Health to rehabilitate the Turkish hospital in Al-Kalakla, continue the work agreement at the Turkish hospital in Nyala, and increase the chances of treatment and cases transferred from Sudan free of charge at the expense of the Turkish government.

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