The Foreign Minister meets the Director-General of Africa’s Administration in French Foreign affairs

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ali Sadik, met with Ambassador Christophe Bego, Director-General of the African and Indian Ocean Department of French Foreign Affairs. The meeting dealt with bilateral relations and common issues between the two countries in the regional ocean.

The Minister stressed the need to intensify the international community’s efforts to support the Sudan in achieving the objectives of the transitional period and to complete the national consensus efforts, stressing the activation of bilateral cooperation mechanisms, strategic dialogue meetings, resumption of development aid and promotion of trade.

France appreciates Sudan’s efforts to promote regional stability, especially in neighbouring countries such as Chad and South Sudan.

Commending Sudan’s efforts to host refugees from neighbouring countries, he stressed the future of bilateral relations between the two countries by focusing on creating partnerships in agriculture, transport, livestock, scientific, cultural and academic exchanges.

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