The Geological Research Authority reveals of the geological map project to identify minerals

The General Authority for Geological Research, the Technical Agriculture of the Ministry of Minerals, revealed the reasons for its delegation’s visit to Wadi Halfa, which came with the aim of inspecting the metallurgical map project, “a technical project for geological and geochemical mapping to identify all types of minerals in Sudan.” While the visit of the delegation of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company, with the purpose of inspecting the social responsibility projects in the northern state, it was decided that the two visits had nothing to do with any joint work.

In a press circular yesterday, the authority explained that its visit to the metallurgical map project of Sudan is a technical project for geological and geochemical mapping to identify all types of minerals in the country within the framework of its survey work, which it has been carrying out in all of Sudan, which represents one of its main tasks.

The circular confirmed that the survey carried out by the General Authority for Geological Research coincided with the visit of a delegation from the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Ltd., led by Director General Mubarak Ardol, and a number of directors of the company’s public departments and the police, represented by the Director of the Sudanese Customs Authority and the director of the Mining Insurance Police and the Security of Minerals Economics. Join them, the governor of the northern state.

The joint visit comes with the purpose of inspecting the crossings, learning about social responsibility in the northern state, and meeting stakeholders in local communities.

According to the circular, the technical project for geological and geochemical mapping to determine the locations of all types of minerals in Sudan began in 2016 in agreement with the “Rose Geo” company, a Russian government company, where a “paid value” contract was signed between the Ministry of Minerals represented by its technical cultivation – the General Authority For Geological Research and the foreign branch of the company registered in Sudan – “Zarubiggeology”.

Based on the agreement signed between the two parties, the first and second phases of the project were implemented, which included compiling all the previous geological, geophysical and geochemical information available in a database, then making a topographic base map for all of Sudan, as well as making a geological and compositional map based on this previous information.

The outputs of the two phases were received in Digital and printed form in 2018, before the project stopped due to the conditions that the country experienced, and in 2021 the contract was signed to implement the third and fourth phases of the project, which includes field work for all of Sudan, surface rock samples will be collected to be chemically analyzed for 54 elements, as well as Microscopic studies and analyzes will also be carried out to determine the geological age of the different rocks, provided that the field work will be over four seasons to cover all of Sudan and include the northeastern part – the northwestern part – the southwest and southeast, where the first field season began in the northeastern part of Sudan and participates in the work Al-Fiqli has 12 Sudanese geologists, 4 Russian experts and 3 translators.

All the participants from the wagon drivers, camp supervisors and workers are Sudanese employees of the Authority, then the field works stage, the fourth and final stage of the project life, which includes analyzing the information collected from the field and the results of chemical analyzes to make the metallurgical map of Sudan and determining the mineralization ranges for all minerals

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