The Governor of the Blue Nile region stands on tightening coordination between the Humanitarian Aid and Voluntary Return Commissioners

General Ahmed Mayor Paddy, Governor of Blue Nile Province, has identified all issues that are closely related to coordination between the Humanitarian Aid and Voluntary Repatriation Commissioners of the Territory’s displaced persons and refugees.

This came when he met with Mr. Daouid Idris Daoud, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, and Professor Hashim Orat Al-Daou, Head of the Territory’s Voluntary Repatriation Commission for Displaced Persons and Refugees.

In the presence of Professor Mirghani Makki Merghani, Secretary-General of the territorial Government.

The Humanitarian Aid Commissioner explained that the meeting reviewed the necessary measures to review the technical agreements for the projects implemented and to identify their objectives achieved in the Territory’s target communities. He explained that the Governor had directed to follow up on the flows of refugees and displaced persons at border points and to work on a database in preparation for the provision of various humanitarian services.

He added that the Governor had directed follow-up on the implementation stages of the Suda Water Dam Project as well as the construction of a number of schools in the area and announced the readiness of the two Commissioners to follow up, review and evaluate performance in order to complete the various projects.

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