The Governor of West Kordofan praises the Reflective Forum for the Peaceful Coexistence of Nuba Communities

The designated governor of West Kordofan, Mr. Khaled Mohamed Ahmed Jielia, affirmed the serious quest to lead societal reconciliations among all components of the state in order to reach lasting peace in the state.

This came when he was addressing yesterday in the city of Al-Fula the Reflective Forum for the Peaceful Coexistence of the Nuba Communities in the Western Mountains and the Misseriya Al-Zarq in the locality of Al-Sinout, which was organized by the Association of Participation, the Al-Koni Common Directory and the Peace Studies Center at the University of Peace.

Mr. Khalid said that the forum is a good indicator to bridge the rift between all components of the locality of Al-Sunut, pointing out that West Kordofan is a promising state with great potential, crippled by tribal conflicts and security breaches. Pointed out that the resources spent on security should be spent on service and development projects, calling on all segments of society and organizations to support the government in maintaining security and stability and leading development projects.

The governor called on the local components of Al-Sunut to renounce tribalism and fanaticism, and accept the other, stressing that everyone in the state is equal in rights and duties. praised the organizations, the Center for Peace Studies and all the supporting bodies for participating in the forum.

For his part, Mr. Adam Mohamed Heno, Executive Director of Al-Sunut Locality, said that community peace is one of his first concerns, stressing his commitment to addressing the problems between the Misseriya and the Nuba Abu Jannouk in particular and all components in general, indicating that the tribal conflicts negatively affected the social and economic life of the residents of the Al-Sunut area.

Professor Mohamed El-Nial, representative of the Peace Studies Center at the University of Peace and the organizations, stated that the goal of organizing the forum is to reach a unified vision that leads to the comprehensive conference for reconciliation among all components in the locality of Al-Sinout, explaining that peace that comes from the rules establishes stability and maintains security.

At the beginning of the forum, Mayor Jabara Fota, representing the Western Mountains, and Mayor Hamid Norain, representing Misseriya Az-Zarq, spoke and stressed the importance of rejecting violence and hatred, working to achieve peace, security and stability in the region, and strengthening and strengthening the eternal relations that bind the two parties in terms of religion, intermarriage and kinship.

The participants in the forum from the Misseriya Al-Zarq tribe and the western mountain communities demanded sincerity of intentions and work to achieve peace and peaceful coexistence, and to come up with scientific recommendations that address the problem from its roots and create a good ground for the inclusive peace conference to be held.

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