The Horn of Africa Women’s Strategy Network begins its programmes in Northern Darfur

The Strategic Initiative Network for Horn of Africa Women (Health) has begun to implement its programmes in the localities of Northern Darfur State, targeting 200 children of both sexes in partnership with the Global Platform and with the support of the Dutch Embassy

The initiative aims to raise the skills of adolescent children of both sexes in education and health issues as well as to form peer networks in a number of localities in Northern Darfur State.

The state official Mujtaba Ibrahim Abd al-Hamid said in a press release that the programmes included providing information aimed at developing the capacity of adolescent children as part of the network’s efforts to raise awareness, noting the importance of raising society’s awareness of adolescent issues and identifying the whole range of problems facing them so as to avoid them.

Mujtaba added that the initiative’s programmes include the provision of training materials commensurate with the nature and culture of children in each region, as well as the selection of a distinct group of facilitators from the youth category to implement those programmes, as well as the selection of a doctor for each region to discuss all issues raised during the training.

Abdelhamid emphasized that building societies’ capacities and changing their intellectual patterns was the only means of achieving human development conducive to sustainable development.

The Strategic Initiative for Women of the Horn of Africa in Northern Darfur has already implemented a number of programmes and projects with international organizations and bodies in a number of different displacement camps and localities in the midst of an impressive presence of participants.

The network’s activities, launched on Tuesday, targeted a number of children in Qawla areas. Shakra, Arab Bashir Preffy El Fasher and pile areas, Surrey mother of Kadaddah Broche and mother of his lock of Kaddada.

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