The launch of the rotation system for travel buses across the states

Today, the rotation system for travel buses was inaugurated in the land port in Khartoum, in the presence of the Minister of Transport, Salah Ibrahim, and the Secretary General of Sudanese Employers, Al-Sadiq, Siwar Al-Dahab The rotation project is a collective project to travel across the various states of Sudan.

The project also aims to reduce the number of buses traveling on national roads to achieve the greatest amount of traffic safety for road users, bus owners and citizens.

It is worth mentioning that the National Chamber of Travel Bus Owners was established in 1990 under the Employers’ Law and the Sudanese Federation to keep pace with the development that has taken place in transport and the construction of national and express roads along the country and its width and the increase in the number of passenger transport.

High quality buses were imported and during the previous period the bus sector was subjected to a deterioration This led to the exit of large numbers of companies operating in the transport sector, bringing the number of buses currently in existence to (4) thousand buses, which operate on national transport lines, including (2) thousand buses.

It is noteworthy that the rotation system saves two hundred million dollars for the state treasury by reducing fuel consumption for travel buses The Minister of Transport spoke about the rotation project, in which he indicated that they had established a number of initiatives to develop and rehabilitate the land port and solve all the problems facing the transport sector, indicating that they are in the process of adopting the operation of the land port in partnership with the owners of travel buses and the port He stressed that innocent transport and passenger transport is the most national stimulus in Sudan and that there are new programs that will be entered through the rotation program and that it will be subject to follow-up, updating and continuous development until it plays the desired role to the fullest.

This has been the start of creating a number of new parking lots that meet the citizen’s need to move across the states, to be a real addition to the existing positions now across the capital city.

The representative of the designated Minister of Interior, Lieutenant-General Othman Al-Haj Mualla Police, praised the rotation system, which achieves the main goal of traffic safety advocated by the Ministry of Interior to protect lives and property, a system that reduces the high density inside land ports and facilitates the work of movement as well as contributes to controlling excessive speed across national roads and against the black market For tickets and that the Ministry of Interior represented by the General Traffic Department will implement the rotation system for the travel buses through the bus crossings and monitor them directly to achieve traffic safety.

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