The magic of nature… 10 natural herbs to treat headaches and head pain

With the increasing stress of stressful daily life, many of us are experiencing headaches and head pain, but did you know that there are some natural herbs that can be an effective and safe solution to alleviate these pain? Here’s a list of some herbs that have shown effectiveness in tackling headaches:

Herbs to treat headaches


Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds that help relieve stress and improve blood flow, contributing to reduce headaches.

Thyme leaves contain compounds that help relieve headaches caused by stress and improve your mood.


It has soothing and active properties, and mint is usually used to relieve migraines.


Lavender oil is low in toxicity, and is commonly used to calm nerves and relieve tension headaches. It can be placed in air humidifier or inhaled directly.


Known for its calming benefits, chamomile tea can be prepared to relieve headaches and calm the body.

Ginkgo Biloba:

Studies show that ginkgo biloba extract can help improve blood flow to the brain, reducing headaches.

Indian Lily:

Indian lily roots contain substances that are effective in expanding blood vessels, reducing the frequency of headaches.


Saffron is considered anti-inflammatory and soothing, and can help alleviate headaches caused by stress.


Cinnamon contains compounds that contribute to improving blood flow and relieving headaches.

Blue Lily:

Blue lily oil is useful in relieving headaches and nervous tension.

Please check with your doctor before using any herb to make sure it is safe for your health, and do not forget that reducing stress and improving lifestyle can play an important role in preventing chronic headaches.

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